Robotics in Education

By Keith Roberts

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Robotics have always been in movies and TV shows. At a time, they were just a figment of the imagination. Now, robots are being used in educational settings. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of robotics is “technology dealing with the design, construction, and operation of robots in automation.” Anything that can be controlled by a computer, or something of the sorts is a robotic. The big question is – Are we ready for robots to be in the classroom?

Like mentioned earlier, robots have always been in the world of science fiction. Are people familiar with robots? Well, the answer is somewhat yes. Robots are already being used in classrooms. The main uses are to help students who are unable to make it to class. Robots are also used to help teach students with disabilities like autism.

Enter the VGo. The VGo was designed to help aid students who can’t physically make it to school. This is the true definition of distance learning.

Children with Mental Disabilities can be helped with robotics. Robots can help students with different disabilities. One of these disabilities is autism. Autism affects many children in the world. Facts about autism. There are 1.8 million cases of autism in the united states. There are 24,000 new cases diagnosed in the united states every year.

So where do robots exactly come in? One of the qualities of autism is that someone can detach from human interaction. Children may not want to speak to another person. Enter a robot? Believe it or not, a robot helped! two autistic children were studied. They refused to speak to the staff, but they did speak to something else. After ten minutes with an interactive robot, the children spoke to it!

Theraputic Qualities. Robots can be seen as a friend to some children. Some autistic children refuse to interact with humans, but there is a possibility they can interact with artificial intelligence.

Teachers? Robots can help aid students and make them better students. The robot named “nao” helps children play recognition games.

Versatility. We are entering the age where we can get assisted from artificial intelligence. Robotics in education can be used for good and productive reasons. We are just seeing the beginning of what could be the new norm in a classroom.

Robotics in Education

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